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We share and promote “Soccer for Good” through the icon of “Imbriani Don’t Give Up”

The association Imbriani Don’t Give Up will deal, in its project, with entering into schools, organizing events, and other activities that will aim to spread this image.

Download the file and use it in a creative way.  Choose a photo, for example,  on the field with your team, or in the stands with your friends.  Send it to the following address:

“Soccer ends, life remains, and I always want to be remembered as an important man.”

…my brother dreamed of a different type of soccer. He had an idea of sport that he had struggled to find in the world of soccer, and probably, the thing that most filled him with pride in his career, was when in the hospital, he read in a newspaper that opposing fans were united under the same message for him: “Imbriani Don’t Give Up”.

Carmelo didn’t play soccer like Maradona, nor did he become a media personality outside of the playing field, yet so many have supported him on the field and in the stands with jerseys and banners; from Naples to Turin, from Benevento to Avellino, even going to the small fields on the outskirts of the islands.  Gestures that have demonstrated how a man can leave an important mark, even without scoring a goal in the last minute of the World Cup finals.  Like the dreams of many children…

I certainly have no illusions of changing the world of sport, but if I could transmit to kids who approach any discipline for the first time, the values that Carmelo has left in this story, maybe in 10 or 20 years, my family will have the immense satisfaction of knowing that some of those kids grew up with the teachings of Carmelo Imbriani.

In the same way, Sofia and Fernando, would inherit – in an ideal reunion-  the education that Carmelo  was not able to pass on to them.

I extrapolated from one of his photos, after a goal, an image with neither colors nor flags because I believe that even just an image and a well told story can enrich the development of a child.

 To educate the youngest, those who are older need to help.  It is for this reason that I am asking the world of sport for help in supporting our initiative.

Download the file  and use it in a creative way.  Choose a photo, for example,  on the field with your team, or in the stands with your friends.  Send it to the following address:


I would also like that in the lower categories, you can see teams with this “icon” on their uniforms.

If all of this happens, in the eyes of a child,  Carmelo’s exultation will become a model of fairness and good sense to follow.

I know I am biased,  but what I have said is evidenced by the photos, the articles, and the videos posted on this site.

My duty is to make sure this story does not go unnoticed.

He has already won his game.  Now it is our turn…

Gianpaolo Imbriani

“Affection has come to me from all over Italy, which means that I have left something as a man, and it is my biggest victory, and my greatest joy!”

Messaggio audio di Carmelo
Il messaggio audio di Carmelo


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